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14x48 FLAT

14' x48''  flat boat in this area is probably the most sought after boat around. here's one with a wave breaker bow, double chines and two small keelsons so it don't slide like a flat boat. Really think this is my best so far, but still a ways from finished or molded.As of now this boat should be in the $1800. price range .For info call:601-795-0626




This boat has added trolling motor mount,seat mounts and motors which are not part of the basic boat.

11'9" in length

51" beam 38" bottom

517 lbs. weight load 15hp max

Floatation seats

Weighs less than 150 lbs  Base price starts at $950.00    


This flat boat was designed to be as versatile as possible. Most of the small boat repairs I have done the damages were done by the boat being dragged or slid in and out of truck beds.So on this boat I tried to cure this problem by not using keels and replacing them with whats called double chines which forms a tunnel down the edges and stops the boat from sliding like most flat boats.Plenty more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!