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Microskiff or pirogue skiff what ever you want to call it, it is by far the biggest little boat I have ever rode in .From a 24 lb. trolling motor to a 7hp. outboard it moves quite easily . Hoping for a few orders before spring .Need to build the mold but having to much fun with it to stop. Looking to get some built and keep the starting price around that 1500 dollar range.Back to the boat specs,13ft long, 3ft. bottom 46 in.beam has a convex modified vee which flattens to a flat back with a 8in. wide running plate.weighs right at 120lbs.

13 foot pirogue skiff

The basic boat would just have a front bench seat to allow for more space. This one is kind of old school with the fishing seat mounted a little high but that is so after sitting and casting for hours this 61 year old body can still stand up.

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Would love some feed back.

13 foot skiff

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