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What do you get when cross a pirogue with a kayak ?

This p-yak is a combination of a few things but the idea was to make the most stable and lightest pirogue possible.It's only 10ft. long has a light V to the bottom and a 6 inch tunnel from one end to the other.It weighs less than 40 pounds and can be carried with one hand and still draws less than 4 inches of water. The cost will be $380.. This is not built for carrying dog or a lot of gear it is more a get to where you want to be boat.

Dinghy 8 foot.


DINGHY 8 foot

This 8ft. boat has really impressed anybody who has ever road in it. It's 8ft. lenght and 46 inch beam is so stable that it amazes everybody.It has a 40in. bottom with a slight V and a round contour from stem to stern. It is a true one man with a weight of less than 75 pounds and rides comfortable on most luggage racks but yet it has a weight load of 400 pounds and 2 horsepower max rating. 


I have caught more fish in places where other boats can't get and these little boats were designed for this purpose. I have owned many boats in my life but I have had more fun not worrying about the cost of the trip and who wants to go or can,so this is my cure to these problems.