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Two man Pirogue

  Pirogues are also called flat bottom canoes.

This boat is 13.5 ft. long has a 25 in. bottom and a 35 in, beam.Two man with floatation seats and 10 in. sides. This boat is hand layed triple layered glass for absolute durability and yet light enough for one man to handle by himself because it weghs less than 55 pounds!

Flat back Pirogue



A flat back pirogue is basically a wider version of a pirogue and has a transom for mounting a motor.

Flat back is 13ft. long ,has a 30in. bottom which is flat,and a 39in. beam which makes them very stable. This boat has a 2 horse power max rating,capable of two men comfortably and weighs less than 90 lbs.One piece construction means rolled rails so there is no wood to rot or rivets or screwholes to split from.


All my boats are one piece construction and hand layed fiberglass which keeps the weight down and the strength but still has a little flex so they don't split as easy.

I also have a one man pirogue that is 10ft. long and weighs less than 40 lbs and have built them up to 16ft. long for special orders          Check all my pages or call :601-795-0626